• K150

    The digital ink jet printer
  • Editor GT

    The GT ink jet controller
  • K600i

    The ink jet printer
  • K630i

    The monochrome printing press
  • N610i

    Digital Label Press


Meeting the increased demands for late-stage ink jet customisation 

Versatile, productive, cost-effective printer for high quality variable data printing
Combining high speed with a native print resolution of 600dpi, the K600i is an innovative inkjet printing solution that can be integrated into an existing handling system for digital imprinting or can be in the format of a monochrome digital press.

Operating at speeds up to 150 m/min, with the versatility to be configured to the print width required, the K600i offers the flexibility and productivity to deliver high quality print at competitive rates helping you to increase sales and profitability.

Designed for sheet or web, the K600i can print onto labels, tags, tickets, forms, security products and direct mail including envelopes, folders, carton boards and leaflets. Its variable data printing capability supports text, numbering, barcodes, 2D codes including QR codes, images, graphics and personalised data printing. 

Using piezo drop on demand ink jet technology, the K600i can print onto a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates and plastic media. Print quality can be optimised and ink usage controlled, allowing you to reduce production costs and maximise profit for each job. 
The unique i-Tech intelligent technology features incorporated within the K600i allow you to maximise productivity, minimise manual intervention, and reduce downtime and costs.
Recently launched K600i digital foiling solution uses the K600i to print a digital adhesive to create the image area prior to UV-curing and de-lamination. Unlike some other ink jet solutions that print metallic ink to provide a foil-like effect, it is based on real conventional metallic foil to provide a higher quality finish and to enable the use of security and decorative holographic images within the foil. 
Domino has developed a unique and innovative digital cold foiling solution using the K600i, which enables conventional metallic foils to be digitally applied to label and packaging substrates including features such as variable text, security marks and graphics. Operating at speeds up to 75m/min, the K600i digitally prints a UV curable adhesive to create the image/pattern area, foil is then laminated onto the substrate and UV cured, prior to delamination. For further details, see the K600i digital foiling brochure.

Key Benefits

  • Unparalleled productivity - operating at speeds of up to 150m/min (492 ft/min)
  • High print quality - with a native resolution of 600dpi
  • Versatile - compact, modular, configurable to the print width required from 108mm (4.25”) to 782mm (30.81”)
  • Reliable – simple, non-contact printing with few moving parts minimises manual intervention and reduces downtime
  • Low operating costs  - select one of four drop sizes (6,7,11,14pl) to optimise print quality on different substrates, control ink usage and save money
  • Reduced setup time – i-Tech StitchLink’s unique micro-motor controller technology enables precise head alignment with no stitchline  
  • Reduced downtime - the i-Tech ActiFlow continuous ink circulation system degasses the ink preventing air bubbles and blocked nozzles, resulting in less rejects and less maintenance 
  • Low maintenance - i-Tech CleanCap automated print head cleaning and capping station reduces the risk of print nozzle blockages and extends the life of your print head

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