• K150

    The digital ink jet printer
  • Editor GT

    The GT ink jet controller
  • K600i

    The ink jet printer
  • K630i

    The monochrome printing press
  • N610i

    The GT ink jet controller

Welcome to the world of digital printing.

We are a forward-looking company with deep-rooted values that we all share: performance, customer focus, responsibility.

GT offers off-the-shelf products like controllers and DOD inkjets with their consumables, including a refurbish program for the inkjets.

All sold through OEMs and resellers. However, GT offers the expertise any high-technology company needs to develop new machines and processes that involve product tracking, printing, customer databases, and process knowledge and minutiae that makes or breaks projects.

Our website features all aspects of our products and services. Allow yourself to be inspired by the possibilities of the perfect printing – and the chance to make your product unique.

The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history.

by: Chang Ha-joon